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About fencing

Fencing is a unique athletic form that maintains mental and physical health and fitness. It helps develop control, balance, speed and grace; many aspects of fencing carry over directly to real life situations.

Dedicated to the promotion of the modern sport of fencing, the Eugene Fencer's Club (EFC) - a non-profit educational organization and Lane County's oldest fencing program - has taught the art of the "oldest modern sport" under the supervision of qualified instructors to thousands of students since 1976.

At EFC, recreational fencers will find an enjoyable, low-pressure sport, while the athlete will improve fencing skills for competition (see Results.) Instruction at EFC is a program based on the current American training system and is tailored to the level and conditioning of each student. The USFA recognized EFC as a member in 1984.

Oregon fencers range from kids to adults, recreational level to Olympic Gold medalists. Those interested in competing can usually find several competitions for fencers of all ages and weapons each month. Most, but not all, take place in the Portland area. For more information, visit, and then talk to Paul.


Foil and Epee, Tuesday 6:30 to 7:30pm

Class emphasizes fundamentals of conditioning and basic movement, simple attacks and defense, strategy and controlling your opponent, history and sportsmanship. Beginners (ages 10 and up) are encouraged to start with the traditional weapon of Foil. Advanced topics will be covered for ready students.

Saber, Thursday 6:30 to 7:30pm

Fundamentals of conditioning and basic movement, simple attacks and defense, strategy and controlling your opponent, history and sportsmanship. Saber will also be taught as a "first weapon", primarily to teens and up. Advanced topics will be covered for ready students.

Open Bouting

Foil and Epee and Saber, Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Full members are invited to participate in open bouting with electric equipment and scoring.


Eugene Fencers Club provides all basic equipment needed for fencing: mask, jacket, glove and weapons (foil, epee or saber). For electric fencing, you will need a weapon, body cord, underarm protector and conductive lame (for foil and saber). If you want to order your own equipment, please talk to the EFC director. This will ensure ordering the proper equipment and sizes meeting your needs. EFC will charge a modest rental fee for electric equipment borrowed for tournaments.


Your prompt payment allows us to pay rent of the gym (which makes club possible!) and also allows us to buy insurance, repair/purchase equipment, etc. $65.00 per month or $180.00 prepaid for three months. Full membership fee includes:

Family memberships: the second family member receives a $5/month discount, and the third family member receives a $10/month discount. Please ask.

Non-members: Fencers not paying a monthly or pre-paid membership will pay a floor fee of $10.00 per drop-in session. Instruction and use of mask, jacket, glove, weapon, or electric equipment is not included but lessons may be purchased. Members must also show a current USFA card or pay the one-time $5 USFA membership per year.

Club director information

Paul McNamara is the founder, President and Head Coach of the Eugene Fencers Club, which has promoted the modern sport of fencing since 1976. Over the years, Paul coached thousands of students in all three weapons. Paul organized and ran large tournaments, trained directors, and facilitated several programs to advance the sport of fencing.

Several of Paul's students became Fencing Masters who went on to teach in their own salles. Paul began fencing in 1976, taking lessons and classes from Paul Dart who was teaching at the University of Oregon (UO). After six months, Mr. Dart asked Paul to become his assistant. Paul taught beginning and advanced classes three times a week from 1977-1978.

In December 1976, Paul started the Eugene Fencers Club (EFC) through the Eugene Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Eugene. He later added classes for local middle and high school students, as well as students in the Willamalane Park (Springfield) and Bethel School districts. In the summer of 1978, the Vice President of the U.S. Fencing Association invited Paul to attend the National Training Camps at the Olympic Training Center in Squaw Valley. Paul attended the camps from 1978 through 1982. In 1983, Paul attended the summer training camp at the Lake Placid National Olympic Training Center, where he received training from several Olympians and World Champions.

From 1978 to 1982, Paul received lessons from Yves Auriole and Alex Beguinet, who taught him the basis of his fencing style. More recently, Paul has attended National Training Camps at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and Oregon Fencing Alliance's Sabre Camp taught by Ed Korfanty in Portland, Oregon. From 1984 to 1989, Paul was the coach for the UO Fencers Club. Under Paul's tutelage, UO fencing teams took the Northwest Collegiate championships four years in a row. Paul's students have received scholarships at such schools as Princeton, Penn State, Notre Dame, and Northwestern University, with several students becoming "All-American", placing in the top-six in the nation.